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Whether you’re a brand new affiliate, or if you’ve been in the business for decades, you’re probably aware that “Internet business” related products and programs have gotten a bad rap over the years.

There’s been an endless stream of so-called gurus and their opportunities that usually fail to deliver what was promised. Still, every day thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs go to the web to look for ways to make money online. The market is massive, and “make money online” programs are ALWAYS in demand… the problem is finding something with integrity that you can promote…

For one, you want to promote something that is actually going to help the people you refer. While the hyped-up magic bullet push-button programs that promise easy money with little work DO convert well, they always disappoint. If you’ve built a successful business of your own, then you know that there is NO magic bullet. If you haven’t yet built a profitable business, take it from us right here and now…save yourself the time and heartache… there is no magic bullet, so don’t waste your time and money trying to find one.

Second, you want to promote something that is going to result in actual relevant learning and growth for the customer. So many of the Internet business courses and coaches these days are focused on methods and tactics that may work in the very short term, but are not foundational for building a long term business.

Third, you want to send your traffic to someone you can trust. Again, if you’ve been in this business awhile, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Some vendors don’t take care of their customers, and the end result is a lot of refunds and unhappy customers. Others don’t pay you what you’ve earned. Yet others make some quick money and soon disappear… the online version of a fly-by-night con-artist.

Finally, The Inner Profit Circle is an Online Business Program With INTEGRITY That You Can Trust and Feel Great about Promoting!

My name is Eric Holmlund, and I’ve been doing business online since 1999. I’ve also been TEACHING how to make money online since 2005.

I’ve learned, proven, and taught how to build sustainable online businesses with the information marketing business model. This business model works as well today as it did 15 years ago, and I have the track record to back it up. I’ve done over $20 million of sales, made over $10 million with this business model, and have taught thousands of entrepreneurs to build their own online business.

This business model is not based on short-term tactics, and it is something that does not require technical skills or prior experience. Over the years I’ve also refined my system of teaching this business model into a streamlined program.

My new Inner Profit Circle is the culmination of everything that I’ve done in my online business career. It absolutely meets all of the criteria I listed above for the kind of program you’ve been looking to promote…

It is truly going to help each member who joins. Unlike the flash-in-the-pan tactics and tricks, this is a tried-and-true business model that works now and will continue working in the future.

More than just a course, this program includes real live coaching from me. My number one goal for this program is to see each and every member succeed. And more than just coaching, this program includes many done-for-you resources to provide true shortcuts to each member as they build their business. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the years… identified the biggest obstacles that hold people back from success in this business… and literally turned this program into the solution for those obstacles!

You can trust that I’ll take good care of your customers, and you can also trust that you’ll be paid what you earn for your referrals. We’re running this program on ClickBank, which is one of the largest and most trusted retailers of digital products. I opened my first ClickBank account in 2004, and have been paid by them like precision clockwork ever since.


As an affiliate, you’ll receive automated payouts from ClickBank for the sales you make.

Trial offer of just $37, then $97/month. The $37 trial is truly a LOSS LEADER for us. Yes we’re losing money on each one we sell, plus we’re paying you commissions on it! The reason we’re doing that is because we know customers will love the program and stick around at $97/month. It’s an absolutely insane deal considering the value of this is well over $7000. By the way, we have a lot of hard costs on this product. Unlike a lot of digital products which are just a course, we’re providing unique “done for you” resources for each customer, plus we have a significant amount of our own time that is invested into each customer on an ongoing basis. Also there are two of us partnering on this project, so at 40% you will be making MORE from your referrals than we are making! We absolutely value your partnership and promotion, which is why we’re giving you the lion’s share! You earn 25% on the recurring monthly payments, which means you can create a passive income stream for yourself.

After being in this business as long as I have, I must emphasize the value of ClickBank’s reliability for you as an affiliate. You don’t have to ASK for your commissions. You don’t have to keep checking your balance and withdraw it manually. You don’t have to jump through hoops and fill out paperwork. You don’t have to worry about your PayPal account being shut down.

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This might look a little different when you promote, because we’re always testing, tweaking, and improving.

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We are open to all types of traffic that are allowable by ClickBank. This includes opt-in list traffic, social traffic, and paid traffic of many different types.

We’ll take traffic from any niche, because there are some people in every niche who are looking to make money. That having been said, more targeted traffic will obviously convert better. This offer is best suited for…

  • “bizop” crowd
  • How-to-make-money
  • E-business coaching
  • affiliate marketing
  • PLR
  • general Internet marketing
  • WordPress
  • IM software
  • site builders
  • video tools
  • SEO related products or courses
  • FB or other paid traffic courses


  • Spam (duh)
  • Using negative keywords such as “scam”, or “don’t buy”.
  • Copying/uploading any part of our webinar or VSL video without our permission.
  • Creating new FB pages, IG accounts, YouTube accounts, or similar accounts using the names “Inner Profit Circle”, “Real Web Property”, “Eric Holmlund”. In other words, don’t create something that could be perceived as being our official page. You can use those terms in your promotions, so long as it’s clear you’re an affiliate, not us.


We love to reciprocate promotions for our top partners, and when we do we can really bring the heat. I’ve won dozens, OK maybe hundreds, of affiliate contests and prizes over the years. I was the #1 affiliate on ClickBank University’s original launch. I don’t promote everything to my lists; it has to be a good fit (remember, I’ve kept a great reputation in this industry for the past 20 years and plan to keep it that way). Just get in touch with me if you want to discuss this ahead of time.


We have email swipes and banners available. We’ll be adding more tools, and if you need something different just let us know!

If you need anything, please get in touch with us at affiliates [at]

Thanks for your support!